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L. Giacomazzi et al
Paramagnetic Intrinsic Point Defects in Alkali Phosphate Glasses: Unravelling of the P3 centers origin and Local Environment Effects (Accepted for pub. in J. Phys. Chem. C 2021).

N. Salles et al
Collective dipole effects in Ionic Transport under electric fields
[ Nature Comm. (2020) ]

Research activities and projects


  • Research within the REPHLES project (ARRS-CEA bilateral).


  • Talents3 project (return phase) SISSA
  • The VibTOOLS project stopped in 2016 is now under renovation on gitlab
    (Some recent tests .Write me for further information:



  • (November 2016): Research project awarded with a Talents3 fellowship




  • (i) Research project aimed at understanding the high-pressure behavior of gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O).
  • (ii) Research project "ab-initio and classical simulation of rheological processes in mantle minerals", focussing on understanding the microscopic aspects of dislocations in simple oxides and silicates, among the most abundant minerals in the Earth's composition. The research projects (i) and (ii) were carried out in the group of Prof. S. Scandolo and in the framework of the ESF/Eurocores initiative "EuroMinSci".
  • Research project concerning the vibrational and structural properties of amorphous silicon nitride (a-Si3N4), in collaboration with P. Umari (IOM-Democritos).
Computational tools: Quantum-Espresso package