Gvido Bratina

Gvido Bratina
Curriculum vitae

Research area

Electric charge transport in thin layers of organic semiconductors, graphene and organic-semiconductor/graphene blends. Initial stages of growth of thin layers of organic semiconductors. Optical, electronic and structural properties of organic semiconductor layers. Electronic properties of graphene and graphene-related compounds. Experimental methods: organic molecular beam deposition, atomic force microscopy, synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy, transient photocurrent measurements, transport methods, optical lithography.

Academic positions

Head and founder of the Laboratory for Organic Matter Physics, University of Nova Gorica. After joining the University of Nova Gorica in 1996, I have established a research group focusing on the organic semiconductors. The group was the first in Slovenia performing research on organic semiconductors. The group currently includes three post-docs and three graduate students and extensive equipment for deposition and characterization of organic semiconductors and organic electronic devices including: glove-box for fabrication of organic solar cells, an atomic force microscope, a system for transient photocurrent measurements, a system of organic molecular beam epitaxy.
Full professor of physics
Vice rector for science and arts, University of Nova Gorica
Dean of the School for applied sciences. University of Nova Gorica. Founded the school in 1999. Assembled and lead the body of professors that formed an undergraduate program in Instrumentation.
Director of the graduate program Materials Characterization. Responsible for the organization of the courses and coordination of the professors from Slovenia, Italy, Poland, France and United States.

Past positions

Research Associate, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Research on compound semiconductor interfaces, using molecular beam epitaxy, atomic force microscopy, and synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy.
Research assistant, Laboratory TASC-INFM, Trieste, Italy.
Development engineer, ISKRA Elektrooptika, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Military service
Development engineer Iskra Avtoelektrika, Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Service appointments

Member of the Commission for Natural sciences and mathematics at the Scientific council of Republic of Slovenia. The role of the commission is evaluation of the new university study programs.
Member of the management board, Foundation University of Nova Gorica.
Head of the action group for the restructuring of the study programs in Physics at the University of Nova Gorica. The result is three study programs in physics, covering all three levels of Bologna-type study programs.
Organized and supervised a construction of a 2100 m2 building for the University of Nova Gorica.
Member of the Advisory board, Technology park of Primorska, Nova Gorica.
Responsible for the organization of the monthly scientific seminars at the University of Nova Gorica.
Member of the Personal nucleus for physics of the Slovenian scientific expert system, Government of the Republic of Slovenia.
Head of the action group for the preparation of the undergraduate program Instrumentation.
Member of the Executive committee, Slovenian vacuum society
Head of the action group for the preparation of the graduate program Materials characterization.
Member of the Expert group for the foundation of the University of Primorska, Government of the Republic of Slovenia.