at University of Nova Gorica

April 26-27 2008

Informal meetings of government phonologists continue after a four-year break!

Government Phonology Round Table (GPRT) is the offspring of even less pronouncable BVGPRT (Budapest-Vienna Government Phonology Round Table). It provides an opportunity for government phonologists (of all flavours and degrees of experience:-) to present their work, share their ideas and get feedback from other government phonologists in a relaxed and informal environment.

GPRT5 will be held at the University of Nova Gorica, in the near-Mediterranean climate of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.



09:59-10:00 opening remarks
10:00-10:45 Tobias Scheer: Cluster licensing vs. segment licensing
10:45-11:30 Emilie Caratini: (German) vowel length and some of its implications…
coffee break
12:00-12:45 Péter Rácz: Manner as Government
12:45-13:30 John Rennison: Vowel harmony and vowel assimilation in Yukuben
lunch break
16:00-16:45 László Kristó: On the difference between monomorphemic and synthetic forms
16:45-17:30 Regula Sutter and Beáta Wagner-Nagy: Some Problems in Selkup Phonology
coffee break
18:00-18:45 Jonathan Kaye: Seven Years of Bad Luck
19:30- social dinner (O.K.Corral)
11:00-General discussion

(Presenters are kindly asked to bring about 23 copies of their handout.)


University of Nova Gorica
School of Humanities
Vipavska 13
Rožna dolina
Nova Gorica


Contributions using any government phonology approach are welcome. The presenters are asked to submit a title of their talk with a short abstract by April 13… or later. The presentations will be allotted 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussion.


Tell us in advance if you plan to come so that we know approximately how big the meeting will be. There is no registration fee:-)

There was a suggestion from one of the participants that we list people who are coming to GPRT5 on this website, so that they can contact each other in order to make their travel and accomodation arrangements easier. If you want your name to appear among the registered people email me.

Registered people:


Bus, train, car are options. The closest airports are Trieste and Ljubljana, Venice is a little further away but is served by lowcost airlines. Let us know how, when and where you plan to arrive and we will try to meet you there or at least provide some useful info.


The cheapest option is the hostel or a private room, the latter is 1 min walking distance from the university. There are also more private rooms and a few hotels in Nova Gorica.


On Friday evening, 9pm, there is a concert of well-known Slovenian etno-rock group Katalena. It's in a place called Mostovna (see the map). Of course, drinking beer is also an option…

For Saturday evening we have reserved a place for dinner and drinks at pizzeria O.K. Corral (see the map).

further info: Alja Ferme (, cell phone: +386 31 328 443, or Sašo +386 41 791 758